The 2,200-year-old Tale of the Chinese Cinderella

The other primary characters of Ye Xian’s tale all fall into a very similar role to that of the French “Cinderella”: Ye Xian is mentally and physically juxtaposed with her stepsister Jun-li. While Jun-li is considered unpleasant to look upon and incredibly envious, Ye Xian is described as stereotypically beautiful and intelligent. With the death of her father, Ye Xian is forced to become the servant to her stepfamily, as much to destroy her beauty as to degrade her. Furthermore, as her father was a Chinese chieftain, his lack of male heirs allows another man to take control of the tribe, thus regulating Ye Xian and her family to poverty. Ye Xian’s Magical Protector Ye Xian’s only relief comes from her acquaintance with a very large and very chatty fish living in the river near Ye Xian’s home. The fish, as it turns out, is a guardian sent from the sky by her ever-present mother, and helps Ye Xian through her dark home life. That is, until Jun-li catches Ye Xian with the fish and Ye Xian’s stepmother stabs it with a dagger for her and Jun-li’s dinner. Its role in Ye Xian’s future does not end with this mishap.

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On Tuesday, Julius Heinrich Otto “Henry” Pieper, his identity recovered, was laid to rest beside his twin brother in Normandy, 74 years after the two Navy men died together when their ship shattered while trying to reach the blood-soaked D-Day beaches. Six Navy officers in crisp white uniforms carried the flag-draped metal coffin bearing the remains of Julius to its final resting place, at the side of Ludwig Julius Wilhelm “Louie” Pieper at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

On Tuesday, June 19, , Julius Pieper will be reunited with his twin brother in Normandy, where the two Navy men died together when their ship shattered on an underwater mine while trying to reach the blood-soaked D-Day beaches. Susan Lawrence via AP The two year-olds from Esmond, South Dakota, died together on June 19, , when their huge flat-bottom ship hit an underwater mine as it tried to approach Utah Beach, 13 days after the D-Day landings. While Louie’s body was soon found, identified and laid to rest, his brother’s remains were only recovered in by French salvage divers and not identified until

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The tragic life of Ankhesenamun was well documented in the ancient reliefs and paintings of the reign of her parents, the pharaoh Akhenaten and his great royal wife Nefertiti, until the death of Tutankhamun when the young queen seems to have disappeared from the historical records. She was the third of six known daughters, and became the great royal wife of her half-brother Tutankhamun when he was just 8 to 10 years old and she was It is possible that she was briefly married to Tutankhamun’s successor, Ay, believed by some to be her maternal grandfather.

It has also been posited that she may have first been the wife of her father, Akhenaten. Tutankhamun receives flowers from Ankhesenamun. This image is on the lid of a box found in Tut’s tomb. Wikipedia Marriage within family was not uncommon in ancient Egypt and was practiced among royalty as a means of perpetuating the royal lineage. The pharaohs believed they were descended from the gods and incest was seen as acceptable so as to retain the sacred bloodline.

Ankhesenamun was born in a time when Egypt was in the midst of an unprecedented religious revolution c. It was difficult for such a traditional culture to reject their old gods, and the priesthood—which held a great deal of power—put up a fierce resistance. Ankhesenamun had two older sisters — Meritaten, Meketaten — and together, the three of them became the “Senior Princesses” and participated in many functions of the government and religion.

Various reliefs found in Egypt appear to suggest that Akhenaten may have attempted to father children with all three of his eldest daughters, the second of whom seems to have died during child birth this scene is depicted inside a royal tomb.

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Repentance Trailer Thomas Carter is a life coach who receives widespread literary fame after releasing his book ‘Don’t Look Back’ following a nearly fatal car accident. At a book signing, he meets a troubled man named Angel Sanchez who has taken on Carter’s advice so heavily that he is determined to have private therapy sessions with him. Carter discovers that Sanchez is finding it impossible to find peace in his mind as he frequently has frightening hallucinations of his dead mother who was killed and found in the river near his home.

Meanwhile, Carter has his own problems which come to rise at the arrival of his brother who knows that he’s not the perfect life-coach he comes across as to his readers. Sanchez is also seeing cracks in his life and, in a bid to ‘heal’ him, brutally holds him hostage – along with his wife and brother – and places them under threat of torture after becoming obsessed with Carter’s karma-centric teachings.

Convicted Baltimore police detective testifies that he stole money with slain Detective Sean Suiter

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Sphenoclea zeylanica Sphenocleaceae in North America – Dispersal, ecology and morphology. Molecular phylogenetic analysis suggests paraphyly and early diversification of Philadelphus Hydrangeaceae in western North America — new insights into affinity with Carpenteria. Journal of Systematics and Evolution A taxonomic revision of Leucothoe Ericaceae; Tribe Gaultherieae.

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FBI officials have seen no evidence to suggest Detective Sean Suiter’s death was “directly connected” to the federal corruption investigation, therefore FBI officials believed it would be “prudent” for the police to continue leading the inquiry, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said, quoting a letter he said he received from FBI Assistant Director Stephen Richardson. The FBI won’t take over an investigation into the homicide of Suiter, who was shot in the head the day before he was to testify before a federal grand jury about a group of indicted officers, the city’s top law enforcement official said Wednesday, Dec.

Eight Baltimore officers have been indicted on charges they defrauded their department, falsified evidence and shook down citizens. The same week Suiter was shot, a Philadelphia officer became the ninth officer indicted in the investigation of Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force. Suiter was attacked while investigating a triple homicide with his partner in a high-crime neighborhood.

Davis said Suiter approached a “suspicious” man in a vacant lot between row houses, leading to a violent confrontation in which he was shot with his own gun. His partner can be seen on private surveillance video taking cover across the street, according to Davis. For weeks, Davis has repeatedly said his department had no reason to believe Suiter’s death was connected to his pending testimony, but he also has stressed that investigators are not ruling out anything.


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