‘Jersey Shore’: 25 Most Outrageous Moments

Asker’s rating For the best answers, search on this site https: I answered a similar question about this a few weeks ago. I think they are: Mike – Sagittarius Sagittarius; wild, crazy, doesn’t seem to really care what comes out of his mouth, promiscuous. Gemini – Somewhat of a player, not overly conceited but cares about his looks, flirty, talkative. Ronnie – Cancer A bit cocky and conceited but inwardly quite sensitive, has an easy going attitude but gets extremely volatile when provoked.

Joe Budden Talks ‘Jersey Shore,’ Esther Baxter & Turning Down Reality Shows

Primitive by present standards, it was a major undertaking in its day, and legends of the road and its Dutch miners have persisted for over two centuries. For a special treat, on the first day of winter, pull over into the grassy overflow parking area just across Dunnfield Creek. Look back, and, if you are here early enough, you will see the sun rise out of the middle of the Water Gap. The Recreation Area was established after the abandonment of the proposed Tocks Island Dam project in the late s.

The entire district was condemned, and most of the structures razed, in preparation for a vast reservoir that was to cover the communities and farms that once stood along the old road. The dam was never constructed, and the pristine atmosphere that permeates the park today is ironic compensation for the havoc wreaked by the plan.

Tune in next Wednesday night to Nik Richie Radio as we have “The Unit” from Jersey Shore on our 25th show. Find out what really happens when the camera’s are off and the pressure The Unit must have trying to save a once popular show called “The Jersey Shore”.

Snooki got hot, what’s your excuse? December 3, , is a day that will live in tabloid infamy: The reality series — set in the resort town of Seaside Heights, NJ — followed eight strangers who lived together in a summer share house and drank and tanned to excess. We wanna do this guido competition show. Back then, there was no. So I went back to [VH1] and said if you had a regular Shore house, this is what it would look like.

Jerseylicious’ Mike Aktari dead at 28, ex Olivia Blois Sharpe reacts

Keith Staskiewicz January 22, at Last night saw the final episode of an MTV phenomenon that caught on fire like so much hair spray, and like many wrap-up shows it was a full hour of reconciliation, good vibes, and intense pangs of nostalgia for stuff that happened six-and-a-half days ago. The Situation and Snooki made up and made out , Ronnie and Sammi toasted to their future, no one was punched in the head, and everyone was forgiven for past transgressions. Call it the Shoreshank Redemption.

That is, of course, until the reunion show, where teeth were bared, secrets were revealed, and drama was milked dry.

 · A hop, skip, and a jump away from New York City is Asbury Park, a revived gem on the Jersey Shore. Check out where to eat, drink, and play when you ://

She also always knows how to brighten up a room with her smile and dancing! Even after graduating in and going separate ways for college, they both remained very close. Summer’s working together at the Boys and Girls Club, sushi nights and too many sleep overs to count. Sam and Lyndsay had always talked about being a part of each other’s wedding day, even before meeting their future husbands.

So when Lyndsay had asked Sam to be a part of her wedding day this past Summer, she knew that Lyndsay would make the prefect matron of honor for hers. Michele Burgagni – Bridesmaid Michele, aka little Michele, is Sam’s step sister and they have known each other for a very long time, almost 20 years! From family vacations, sharing a room together and summer beach trips they are practically sisters Sam knew right away that Tracey would be more than just a future sister in law, she would become a best friend Spending time with Tracey, whether its family vacations, weekends down the shore or watching Sunday football Even back then Sam, Seb and Lyndsay were inseparable.

They did everything together, Cancun for spring break, prom, weekend sleep overs, going to the movies and Applebees.

Love at the Shore. -Pauly D- *FINISHED*

Video Transcript Transcript for ‘The Situation’ Gets in a Brawl Okay skinny fat anytime we began with something that sound and interesting I guess but you be the judge that’s — involves Mike’s — also known as the situation from Jersey Shore apparently. These reality shows they’re known for kind of extra — plodding again — separate. Sustained some of them curious to know what happened and Kanye West says he and his new bride Kim — — her exhausted. After having wasted nearly half their honeymoon.

you fuckin douches need to leave Mike alone hes a good dude, and one of the the most genuine dudes i know and ill stretch anyone out who has a problem with him.

And now pictures have emerged of the moment Deena Cortese was handcuffed after being arrested for disorderly conduct yesterday. The drunk reality television personality was caught on camera in midflow during her bender, waving her hands in the air. Scroll down for video You’re nicked me old beauty: Video has emerged of Deena Cortese being handcuffed after being arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, yesterday The police then appear on the scene, and do not look too impressed with her antics.

After a brief chat the year-old is handcuffed, and then frogmarched to their waiting patrol car. The year-old looked worse for wear as she was handcuffed by the concerned bobbies, with an excited MTV camera crew capturing the moment for posterity. Girls just want to have fun: The reality personality is seen enjoying herself as the police arrive on the scene Can I help you officer: A member of the crew seemed to try and sweet talk the cops but it didn’t work Help me: No doubt Deena was begging for forgiveness but her pleas fell on deaf ears It comes after Police Chief Tommy Boyd told NBC 4 New York that one of his officers arrested the reality star after seeing her ‘a little intoxicated’.

The officer who arrested her, patrolman Chris Linnel, allegedly spotted the star slapping cars that were driving by as she stood in the middle of the street. The careful policemen were taking no chances in case the drunken star tried to run off And in she goes: The camera crew were catching every moment as she was taken to the back seat of the patrol car Put your hands up!

Which Jersey Shore character are you most like?

They were attractive, so attractive. Both seemed a little surprised to have my presence here, or they were just surprised that I asked for Ronnie. There’s a fine little girl comin’ up at the door. Then she goes and asks for Ronnie I tucked my loose dark brown hair behind my ear, slightly shivering from the cold breeze that rolled by.

Being by the beach has its downfalls.

 · The reality-TV phenomenon is returning with ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation.’ Whether audiences will still be receptive to blackout hookups and rampant misogyny is anyone’s ://

They might be familiar with her professional life but may know very little about her personal life. We have uncovered all the never known details about her love affairs and relationship status. Sophia Minnaert’s Dating Life Sophia Minnaert is one of those who doesn’t like to make their personal life public. She hasn’t introduced anyone as her boyfriend till date. At present, she is living a private life in her hometown, Madison. Minnaert seems to be single at present. Even though she is active on her Instagram and frequently shares snap with her male friends, however, she never gave any hints of dating any of them.

Twitter She has been spotted promoting her professional work on various occasions.

What’s Your Jersey?

So how did this drunken social experiment turn out? Did the roommates grow from the experiences? Did they at least occasionally act like human beings, rather than giant walking vodka shots? Advertisement I believe the answer to all these questions is no.

“Jersey Shore” star SNOOKI wasn’t romantic about recalling her first time, saying: “I was I mean, in upstate New York, there’s really nothing to do up there but experiment. I mean, in upstate New York, there’s really nothing to do up there but experiment.

Currently I was sitting on Vinny’s lap on the couch as we were just relaxing. It’s been only a day since that fight with Angelina happened, but hope it made things clear to Vinny that I am serious about him and don’t play around when it comes to girls throwing themselves at him. He kissed my head as we continue to lay there enjoying the cuddling time. I took care of Angelina by proving a point Vinny is my man.

No one said that there was anyone coming by or anything. I haven’t seen you for awhile” “It’s been good Pauly! I missed you though” she said giggling as her and Pauly hugged for a bit. Sure I may sound jealous and a bit possessive, so I should chill. Vinny kissed my cheek as my body tenses a little, I turned to look at him and smile.

Scarlett meet Melissa, Mike’s sister” Pauly said introducing Melissa to me.

Clint Eastwood

Doesn’t this kind of break the structure of the show? I didn’t understand that. Not surprisingly, Stagliano was asked by reporters about his take on Wes Hayden — who suitor Jake Pavelka has adamantly alleged was dating Laurel Kagay during filming for the show. Monday night’s The Bachelorette broadcast featured Harris being confronted by Pavelka, who returned to the show after previously being eliminated to inform her that Hayden had repeatedly told him that he did have a girlfriend going into filming.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has been in 2 on-screen matchups, including Karina Smirnoff in Dancing with the Stars () and Nicole Polizzi in Jersey Shore (). Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is a member of the following lists: Male models from New York (state), Dancing with the Stars (U.S. TV series) participants and Celebrity Big Brother (UK) contestants.

And now, we have a brand-new relationship to emerge from the hit romance-themed series: Tori Deal and Mike Crescenzo are officially dating! The New York-based sweethearts — he was on Season 3, while she appeared on Season 4 — caught up with MTV News to dish the deets about their romance, how Morgan reacted he’s roommates with Mike and if the pair has already discussed babies! How did this relationship come to be? I’ve had a crush on him since I watched him during Season 3. He didn’t really show much interest in my snap, and I kept it moving — and I never told him I was going to be on the next season.

Mike Sorrentino Confesses: I Was High While Filming The ‘Jersey Shore’!

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